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Aeroplane (Engine) Types Flown by Witt

Blackburn B2 (Gipsy Major)



Tiger Moth (Gipsy Major)

Fleet Finch (Kinner B5)



North American Harvard 1/2/3 (Wasp)




Miles Master 1/2/3
(R.R. Kestrel/Twin Wasp or Bristol Mercury)



Hawker Hurricane 1/2/2c
(R.R. Merlin 3/4/5)




Curtiss Mohawk 4F (Cyclone)



Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1/5/7/8/9/11/16/19/21/22
(R.R. Merlin 45/63/61/66)



Republic Thunderbolt 1
(Twin Row Wasp)

North Amercian Mustang 4
(Packard Merlin v 1650/7 (ugh!) )




Miles Martinet (Bristol Mercury)


Airspeed Oxford (Cheetah [2])



Gloster Meteor 3/4/7/8/11/14
(Derwent Mk 1/4/8 [2])



Slingsby Kirby Cadet Glider (SFA!)



De Havilland Vampire 5 (DH Goblin)



De Havilland Chipmunk F10 (DH Major 8)



Avro Athena prototype (R.R. Merlin 36)



Vickers Wellington (Hercules [2])



Auster (Gipsy Major)



Balliol prototype trainer (R.R. Merlin 36)



Fairey Firefly T2/4 (R.R. Griffon 12)



Vickers Valetta C1/T3 (Hercules 230 [2])



De Havilland Domine (Gipsy Queen [2])



Olympia Sailplane (SFA)


Hawker Sea Fury (Bristol Centaurus 18)



Avro Tutor biplane (Armstrong Siddeley Lynx)


Pilatus Porter prototype (Turbomeca)



Avro Lincoln B2 (R.R. Merlin 65 [4])


De Havilland Devon C1 (Gipsy Queen 71 [2])



Vickers Viking (Bristol Hercules 230 [2])


Mamba Balliol (single propjet Mamba, experimental)



Vickers Varsity, classroom flying (Bristol Centaurus [2])


Slingsby Sky Sailplane (SFA)



De Havilland Venom (DH Ghost)


Percival Prentice (Gipsy Queen)


Handley Page Hastings 1/2
(Armstrong Siddeley Motors (ASM) Sapphire [2];
Bristol Hercules 101/106 [4])
Avro York C2 (R.R. Merlin 24 [4])
Percival Provost Trainer (Alvis Leonides)
De Havilland Canada Beaver (Pratt & Witney Wasp)
Sedburg Glider (SFA)
Bristol Freighter (Bristol Hercules 734 [2])
Dragonfly 5.51 helicopter (Wasp)
Percival Sea Prince (Alvis Leonides [2])
Avro Anson 19/21 (Armstrong Siddeley [2])
Avro Shackleton (R.R. Griffon [4])
Hawker Seahawk (R.R. Nene 101)
Avro 707 Delta prototype (R.R. Derwent 8)
Miles Marathon (Gipsy Queen 6 [4])
Sycamore helicopter (Alvis Leonides)
Avro Lancastrian
(ASM Sapphire [2]; Bristol Hercules [2])
Fairey Gannet Rew 3/AS/TR
(ASM Double Mamba propjet)
Deperdussin, French-built, 1909
(Antani three-cyclinder)

Folland Gnat Fighter (Bristol Orpheus 800)

English Electric Canberra FR/B2
ASM Sapphire 6-reheat [2],
R.R. Avon [2] plus one ASM Viper)
Blackburn YB5 prototype AEW/AS
(Double Mamba (better than Gannet,
which got contract))
NB Photo is of 1.2
Hawker Hunter prototype Mk 2/5/6/7
(ASM Sapphire 6-reheat, R.R. Avon RA28)

Westland Wyvern fleet fighter (ASM Python)

Avro Lancaster bomber test bed
(R.R. Merlin [4], one Viper, one ASM Mamba)
Percival Proctor 5 (Gipsy Queen)
Gloster Javelin AW Fighter prototype
(ASM Sapphire, Mk 6/7/7-reheat [2];
DH Gyron-reheat [2])
Percival Jet Provost prototype 1/3/4
(ASM Viper)
Douglas Dakota ('gooney bird')
(Single Mamba [2])
Short Seamew prototype
(Single ASM Mamba)
Supermarine Swift Mk 5 (R.R. RA7-reheat (ugh!) -
come back R.J.M., all is forgiven!)
Avro Ashton prototype
(R.R. Nene [4], one Gyron, one Sapphire,
one Olympus [2])
Fiat G91 NATO fighter
(Bristol Siddeley Orpheus)
De Havilland Dove (Gipsy Queen [2])
Gnat prototype fighter
(Bristol Siddeley Orpheus 701 (uprated))
Fairey Gannet Rew 3
(Double Mamba Mk 8 (uprated)
Hiller helicopter (Franklin)
Vickers Valiant V-bomber B2
(R.R. Avon [4], one Pegasus swivel jet)
Westland S55 Mk 2 (Leonides Master)
USA Sabre (Bristol Siddeley Orpheus)
Whirlwind 10 helicopter
(De Havilland Gnome 1000/12000)
Piper Colt (Lycoming 100)
Handley Page Victor V-bomber (ASM Sapphire [4])
Westland Scout helicopter (Bristol Siddeley Nimbus)
Hawker Siddeley 125 prototype (ASM 520 [2])
Westland Wessex 1-Mk5 helicopter
(Napier Bell Gazelle or Gnome [2])
Cessna 172 (Continental 145hp)
Piper Tripacer (Pratt & Witney)
Pilatus Porter (Turbomeca)
Cessna Skylane (Pratt & Witney)
Cessna Skynight 320
(Continental s/charger TS10/470B)
De Havilland Heron 2D
(Gipsy Queen 30 Mk 2 [4])

Morava L200 A


Beagle 206 and 206S (Continental G10470 [2])

Bell Jet Ranger helicopter (Pratt & Witney)
Avro Vulcan V-bomber
(Reheated Olympus [4] - destined for
V-bomber Vulcan and BA Concord (no 'e'!))

Piper Twin Apache

Hughes 110 Helicopter
N.B. Picture is a 300